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Treat your life and career as a long-term fun RPG game.
Build learning habits and get actionable knowledge.
Apply your engineering and design skills to hack the system!

We'll give you metrics, tools, strategies and a framework to navigate the industry and get more control of your life and career.

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How it works
Create a habit of efficient learning
Use our filtered resources and tools to get into a habit of learning meaningful things. We'll show you how to do it efficienty. You can do it on your own or find and accountability partner and join a mastermind group.
Acquire knowledge and skills to navigate the industry
Get access to our collection of useful tools and resources to understand Software Engineering and your opportunities within it better. Salary negotiations, work efficiency, side projects, mental health - we got it covered.
Find clarity of what you want to achieve
Learn to set up experiments and move in small manageable steps to get better understanding of your strengths and motivation. Get clear feedback and perspectives from a diverse community of supportive people.
Create your own focused execution strategy
Build a discipline and get support to reach your goals. Find like-minded people and learn from their insights.
We will help you maintain your commitment and motivation.